The Blister Exists

Having left the hostel pretty early (around 10am), I mapped out a route in my head so I could see all the sights I wanted to including Rembrandt Square, a couple of gardens, some chapels/churches and Anne Frank’s house.
Turns out my sense of direction is terrible, either that or the signs in Amsterdam are wrong. I’m siding with the latter. I searched everywhere for the first church on my map and came across a fantastic looking building, turns out it was actually a cafe!

Then I decided, against better judgement, to find the second place on my list; Rembrandt Square. From what I remembered, it was in the south east of the city so I thought I would make my way there. Once again, I got lost, this time though because I thought I knew better than the given directions. Instead of finding said Square, I came across the “I Amsterdam” sign which was swarming with tourists so I thought I would leave them to it and carry on my merry way.
In the end I did eventually find the destination, although I passed a few more interesting finds on the way; The Old Jewish Quarter and a memorial to the victims of the Holocaust and the Jewish workers strike of 1941 which was all a bit emotional trying to understand the pain these people must have suffered. Turns out Rembrandt Square is also flooded with tourists so I thought I’d make my way to the house of Anne Frank. I expected to get lost trying to find this as even on the maps it was incredibly confusing! Normally I would’ve looked online but as my data is not covered in Holland, this is a no go. While trying to search the west of the city, the heavens opened and I only had a hoodie on so I swiftly made my way to shelter. This shelter turned out to be a burger restaurant virtually opposite my hostel (I’m good at finding my hostel at least).

Having eaten my fair share of food, I came back to the hostel for a lie down and to take off my boots, only to discover the development of a nice little blister. This walking thing is probably going to be the end of me.

4 thoughts on “The Blister Exists

  1. Irene Chapman

    Hi Nick, We are sure your directional skills will improve over the course of your travels but it could be your sense of smell that’s heightened at the moment. Enjoy! G. Jim & Irene xx


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