Forest With This Memory Of A Free Festival

The remainder of my days in Amsterdam were usually spent in a park on the south side of the centre. I was half trying to gain my bearings and half trying to avoid the clusters of people dominating the tourist spots. Ultimately I spent 3 nights in the Dutch capital before boarding a train to my next destination; the less touristic Apeldoorn.

Arriving in Apeldoorn is an unforeseeable experience. From the online search I did, I was expecting a large mansion gardens and little else. Instead I was greeted off the train by a rather quite clinical station, including a large map of the local area. Following this, I found my way to the hostel while walking through the small suburbs of this most peculiar little town. I stopped on the way into a medium sized supermarket, Albert Heijn, just to withdraw some cash for my time in this town. The hostel itself is a good hour walk from the station which is actually quite a relief after staying in the centre of Amsterdam for so long but it does play havoc with my blister, which by the way has spread into another two over both feet now, so walking everywhere is not the most enjoyable experience.


Checking in to the hostel was a grateful relief, I was able to remove my soaking wet hoodie as it had been hailing during my walk; I really should prepare myself for this weather, I own an anorak I’m just not wearing it for some reason. The site is quaint, tucked away in the outskirts of the town and seems to attract large groups of people out for activity weeks, rather than solo travellers.
This evening, I went into the centre to explore and I have to say, if there was less Dutch writing, this could easily be mistaken for any English town. The universal brands; Mango, H&M, McDonald’s all seem to be very popular here. Once I got back to the hostel, I decided to hit the hay.


4 thoughts on “Forest With This Memory Of A Free Festival

  1. Rosemary Rowntree

    Glad you found your hostel in Amsterdam. when Andrew and I went many years ago on the spur of the moment the flower festival was on and the tourist office said there wasn’t a bed available in any hotel in the city. So we ended up in Apeldoorn! The next day we were told a room was available in Amsterdam. When we got to it we had to approach it through a very seedy gym. We were never quite sure just what kind of establishment it really was! Hope you get to Keukenhof – it really is spectacular. Hope the blisters heal soon. Rosie xx


    1. What did you think of Apeldoorn? I didn’t think it was suited for tourists. Unfortunately didn’t get to Keukenhof, was on a bit of a tight schedule


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