“This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, Liverpool or Rome. ‘Cause Rotterdam is anywhere, anywhere alone” Rotterdam (Or Anywhere) – The Beautiful South

This could be Rotterdam or anywhere, but in fact it is Rotterdam.

Rotterdam really is something different from my previous three stops. Right from the get go, the welcome I received when I got off the train was blissful, nice and calm. Just what I expected on a Sunday morning. Turns out beneath the concrete floor was a beating heart. Thousands of yellow jersey joggers were setting off around the city on the annual marathon.

Walking through the peaceful centre, I came across stunning architecture that could easily fit in with any modern city; and right next to it, incredible pre-war buildings still standing. Further down, towards the river is a brilliant little park, with flowing streams running right through the foundations of this greenery. It was near this park , I found my hostel. I checked in and having settled myself,  I set out towards the south of the city. I wandered over the immense Erasmusbrug bridge into Wilhelminapier harbour with three large sightseeing yachts, this area is more like Rotterdam’s own scaled down Ellis Island, but in reverse. This little pier was where hundreds of Dutch families left their home country for their chance in the new U.S.A. Quite remarkable then, that over the next footbridge is a small quarter which looks remarkably like New York City from the 80’s but nestled shyly between a large outdated hipster warehouse (Fenix Food Factory) and a modern cafe setup. I set up shop around this area and relaxed a bit, still feeling the effects of Saturday night. It was finally nice to be able to sit outside without having to combat the weather. I strolled around the place and after catching a glimpse of the marathon, I headed back to the hostel and found their bar, I sat down and chatted with the barman until it was time for me to get a decent nights sleep.

If I had to have highlight so far it would be here. Would highly recommend.

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