Turn Soonest To The Sea

Wow! Schiphol Airport has a slide in the departure lounge!

However that’s jumping ahead a few hours.

Last I updated you, I was sat in Rotterdam Train Station. Since then I came back to Amsterdam, I checked into the same hostel as before and as I already had seen some of the city I thought I would get a load of washing done at a local laundromat, it seems that no matter how far I run, I can never escape chores!

The next morning, I knew I had loads of time to spare before before my late afternoon flight so I boarded a canal boat and took a tour around the canals of the capital. We went through a lot of the little canals and even spun around Amsterdam harbour which apparently is one of the largest in Europe! I saw of a lot of new features of the city that I would’ve missed otherwise so I’m very pleased I decided to do this. The Mayor’s home, the thinnest building in Amsterdam and the Golden Mile were all pointed out. The Golden Mile is the street where the richest people in Amsterdam used to live, one family would accommodate a four storey building and they’d have the servants even enter through a separate door underneath the main entrance. Today however, they have been converted into offices, banks and apartments so it’s not that valuable now then!

After that, I slowly made my way by train to the airport, with a lot less difficulty this time, and found my gate; and now I’m currently sat in Schiphol Airport waiting for my flight. I was incredibly shocked by this place as the departure lounge has a slide in the middle of it! It’s not even a good slide, it’s in between two sets of amphitheatre style seats but still I am fighting every instinct in my body not to have a go.

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