Paint A New World

For the first time, I actually prepared myself. According to the weather forecast, it was supposed to be raining all day, so I packed a jacket and a cagoule in my bag. As soon as I left however, it was actually quite a pleasant day.

Following the map the hostel had provided, I was able to see many of Copenhagen’s sights. I turned left out of the hostel and was smacked in the face by the delectable scent of fish, it was tormenting me. All I could think about was greasy British fish and chips, so I got out of that area sharpish. I found myself in front of a horde of tourists so I realised this could only mean I was in front of an attraction. Den lille Havfrue; the Little Mermaid. Took a couple of photos and made my way along the riverside, while the remainder of the tourists were posing with the statue and taking multiple selfies. I then walked around the harbour and found myself in the Kastellet, one of the oldest remaining defences in Denmark. This was a very sombre moment as it also held memorials to many fallen soldiers. I counted that there had been more Danish casualties in wars from the last 20 years than the previous 40 which clearly shows the human race is literally killing itself.

After this I followed my map to the National Gallery of Denmark. Took a couple photos of the outside, and as I was leaving the vicinity I saw a sign with information on, and it said admission was free. FREE! So, of course I had to go in. I spent almost 3 hours wandering around this gallery with paintings, and sculptures, from people like Edward Munch, Rembrandt and Rubens. Some of the modern ‘art’ was too surreal so I left. Upon leaving the gallery, I entered Rosenborg Gardens with the eponymous castle in. Then came across The Round Tower which wasn’t actually as round as I was expecting.

Due to a lot, and I mean a lot, of building work, I ended up losing the direction is which I was heading and actually ended up in Christiansborg Palace, all the while mistaking it for City Hall. What a fool I am!
Ended up making my way back to the hostel but taking a detour to see a bridge being built. A man on a pushbike started to have a bit of a chat with me in Danish but when I stated I was English he quickly switched languages and told me the entire history of this bridge. Apparently it started construction over 3 years ago and due to a bankruptcy, work was stopped; but now they have new funding and have been able to almost finish the work. All that for a simple cycle bridge!

I went back to my hostel and as this was first with a kitchen, I made myself some dinner before calling it a night.

4 thoughts on “Paint A New World

  1. Georgina Baker

    Very impressed and jealous that you were able to see the works of Munch, Rembrandt and Rubens!! Good to hear you’re spending your money on essentials re your last post.. 50 DKK on a double whiskey. The canal tour of Amsterdam sounds so cool. I hope you gave in to the urge to have a go on the slide in the airport!
    Sounds like you’re having an amazing time. I got caught in a hail storm today and it soaked through my coat… hope you’ve managed to stay dry after your first few days of rain.
    Lots of love xx


    1. The gallery is free entry so you should go sometime. That whiskey was needed and I worked out that if you divide DKK prices by 10 to get £, it roughly works out.
      The tour was good and I didn’t have a go in the slide, did sit right next to it though and imagined having a go.
      Sorry to hear you got soaked, I’ve been fine the last few days even getting slightly red!
      Love you too. Xx


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