Crazy Train

…and now to start using my Interrail Pass.

I turn up at the train station and board the train to Copenhagen Airport, I hate changing trains but it has to be done apparently so I get on. The guy in from of me starts chatting and asking me where I’m going so I tell him Gothenburg and he assures me I will love it there and that everyone is friendly. As we pull into the airport station we go our separate ways as he was going on an 11 hour flight to Bangkok. I make my way to the platform only to be greeted by Passport control. Two flights I had been through and this was the first guy to mention my hair had grown since my passport photo was taken! Then I got into the train across the border and the passport control officer in Sweden actually had to do a double take checking it was me in my picture!
After a long time sitting on my own, a woman sits next to me with a large animal carrier. My first thought is cat, wrong. Dog? Wrong. Rabbit, it must be a rabbit; also wrong. It was a ferret. I didn’t know this until she removed it from the box and started cuddling it right next to me. It was actually quite sweet in all fairness.

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