Lion From The North

I realise I haven’t updated this in a few days and I must apologise but I’ve been rather quite busy…

Last time I wrote I was on the train to Gothenburg. Well when I arrived I got off the train and started walking in the direction I thought I should be going, but it turns out I was actually leaving the city! Having turned around I finally found my hostel. Well after I little nap I met some of the other guests and a couple of us went out for a drink.

On the Friday, I did a little food shopping and ended up talking to the cashier for ages and he was telling me all the places I should visit so in the afternoon, I did exactly that. Went to see an old defence castle which is now, unfortunately, a restaurant. But it did have some fantastic views of the city.
I also went to the monument of Gustavus Adolphus who was the King of Sweden. I only knew about Gustavus as I’ve listened to a bit of music by Sabaton, and they wrote song a song about him; that song is also the title of this article.

After this, I took a walk around the Göteborg Stadsmuseum as it’s free for those under 25; that was quite good, there was part of an old Viking ship and some old jewellery of theirs. There was also a big display of Swedish music from the 1950’s onwards, and of course a section on The Gothenburg Sound which I loved. The Gothenburg Sound, for those not in the know, is the pairing of melodic and harmonic guitars with the distorted guitars and speed-laden drums creating melodic death metal; this style of music originated in Gothenburg and was the primary reason I wanted to visit this city.

After this, I headed back to the hostel and joined in a pub crawl with a lot of the hostel guests. This was a great feeling, to properly socialise with my fellow travellers and was the first time I really felt like I was doing this properly.

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