Wolves Of The Sea

Yesterday was a much needed rest day and today probably should’ve been too.

Having been out on the pub crawl on Friday night I slept through most of yesterday, and even ended up joining a second pub crawl last night!
When I finally rose this morning I had intentions of visiting the Gothenburg Museum of Art, but talking to a few others they recommended a large park just behind the hostel. So a large group of us, 7 in total; 3 Aussies, a Kenyan and a Spaniard and two of us from England, headed out around this parkland. Turns out there was a free zoo in the middle of this garden and so I saw Red Deer, Elk and even Penguins! Penguins this far away from home!

After this, our group separated and the other Brit and I decided to go on a boat trip. We took a tram to the harbour and decided to go to Donsö which was a small fishing community on an island away from the mainland. Due to time constraints with the boats, we didn’t spend that long on the island itself but we had enough time to grab a bite to eat and head back to the harbour. I had a brilliant time sailing around the archipelagos of Gothenburg, before we got the tram back into the centre and went back to our hostel to catch up with everyone.

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