I Got Loads Of Money

…or I would’ve done if I didn’t come to Oslo.

While wandering the streets earlier, I saw a TGI Fridays bar and thought my first experience of this chain should be in one of the most expensive cities in the world!
Having a look at the menu the cheap beers are a minimum of 72 NOK which roughly translates as £7.20!!!
But at least I felt at home, as the radio was blasting out Wheatus’ only popular song, and I had a burger in my hand; as soon as Madonna came on the speakers I decided it was time to leave.

Walking back through the city I noticed two main points; there is a rather high population of homeless in Scandanavia and I’m unsure if it’s due to my travels are restricted to the larger cities, or if there are just a lot of beggars. My other note is the very high percentage of long hair and/or beards outside of a metal gig of course! The long hair is a big point for me as I also keep seeing large posters for Cannibal Corpse gig (that happened yesterday so of course I missed it) but that’s just not something I would’ve seen in the UK. I will keep an eye out for something while I’m here though, would be fantastic to see some metal on my tour.

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