Lonely Train

Sweden really is a beautiful country. Having seen Elk in the zoo yesterday, I actually saw two wild moose on the train journey today.

I also passed some fantastic lakes as I headed over the country towards the neighbouring country of Norway. Coming into Norvegia, I met their Customs Control who, out of the three countries so far, have the most severe passport checks; this is because they are not within the EU and so don’t operate with the open borders that the others should do. They requested to see my passport, my train pass, and also questioned my luggage and travel plans, wanting to know where I came from and where I was going; I felt like I was Cotton Eyed Joe!

When I finally made it to Oslo, after a 4 hour train journey, I had to find the hostel. An hour and a half after getting off the train and even retracing my steps to see where I went wrong, I found my bed. It’s in a bit of a rough area but I’ve lived in rough areas before (Copmanthorpe, I’m looking at you).

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