The Heart And The Shape

“Art is subjective”.
“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.
“Modern art is weird”.

Only one of those quotes really describes my day and you have to guess which one.

I’ll give you a hint though, today I visited Oslo’s Museum of Contemporary Art.
Walking through that place with one of the guys I met at the hostel, I was struck with displays of rubble and gravel, someone’s dirty washing and an installation of a man who never threw anything away and documented every single bit of rubbish he found. Leaving there we went to the Museum of Architecture as it was included in the ticket price, and it’s easy to see why.
The Architecture Museum only has two rooms. One on how architecture itself has developed from an artist with a drawing book, all the way to 3D design in the modern era; and the other room was solely on the architect Lars Backer.
Having left there, I led us to the right thinking this was the entrance to the Akershus Fortress. Walking round, we instead discovered that if we had walked to the left, we would’ve got round a lot quicker, instead of traversing round the whole fortress! But on the positive side, at least we got to see Oslo’s harbour.

Akershus is a massive defence building that is still used as a military base to this day, this was quickly obvious as there were patrolling soldiers all around the place.
Having got a taste for military action we then headed up the main road Karl Johans Gate, to the Royal Palace, where we were lucky enough to be able to catch the guards doing their ceremonial patrol before we headed back to the hostel for a well earned beer. It was highly discussed with others in the hostel that we should go visit a bar, but due to the extortionate prices, we stayed inside the hostel.

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