Sound Of Silence

People watching is the best thing you can do in life. No matter where you are in the world, watching the public is the most satisfying hobby going.

I sat and watched people from a first floor window while enjoying an Indian buffet for lunch, and saw some of the most peculiar characters that Oslo has to offer. There were two women dressed as clowns attempting to sell balloon animals and failing miserably at their task, and there was a women who literally had to stop in her tracks to remember where she was going. Another exciting event was that the Royal Guards went past the window on parade. Full blown ceremonial extravaganza including marching band, armed forces, and soldiers on horseback all heading towards the Royal Palace. Having eaten I followed them up there but as I couldn’t catch them up, I sat in the palace garden to let my food settle.
Shortly after my rest I intended to discover the Oslo Museum and Sculpture Park. But unfortunately, due to my extended relaxation time, I missed the museum as it had closed by the time I got there, the park however was still open and thus I got to see a whole host of statues from Gustav Vigeland.
Following all this walking about, I thought it best to go for a nap back at the hostel and then hang out with my fellow travellers again.

One thought on “Sound Of Silence

  1. jill

    People watching is just the best thing you can do and if you can do it in foreign country then what could be better 😆


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