Guardians Of Asgaard

Left early this morning. Got out the hostel for about 9.30 and took two guys for a walk to the Opera House and showed them the Akershus Fortress I saw the other day. But then things got interesting.

The three of us took a boat out to Bygdøy which is the peninsula on the south side of Oslo. While there we went to the Viking Ship Museum and saw three very well preserved ships all built about a thousand years ago; Tune, Oseberg and the Gokstad. There was also a lot of tools and a couple of skeleton pieces from the same dig excavation.
After this, the three of us left and followed directions back to the city centre. The normal route would have been to get the bus back but we decided to walk it, I could do with the exercise anyway. Following much deliberation, and maybe a couple of detours around the fields, we finally found civilisation once again and I took charge in leading us to the Vigeland Sculpture Park. Having seen this once before I wasn’t too concerned with the ongoing exploration from the other two but I was more able to relax for a bit and see things I missed the first time around.

When we purchased entrance tickets to the Viking Ship Museum, we were told this was also valid at the Historical Museum so we made our way there sharpish as it closed at 4 and time wasn’t on our side. Eventually we made it there with half an hour to spare. Rushing through the gallery we followed Norway through different periods of time including Medieval, Viking and all the way up to today.
Having been escorted out of the building we took off back to the hostel for a bit of a rest.
Working out the distances, we must have walked about 15 km in total!

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