To Holmgard And Beyond

The distance between Oslo and Bergen is about 7 hours by train and really is one of the most beautiful lines to ride. Working out the logistics of my weekend, I thought the best idea would be to get an early train to western Norway and thus I could explore the small seaside town in the afternoon.

The only problem with my plan was that when I went to reserve a seat at the ticket desk I found out they were all sold out! Thankfully one of the conductors told me about a seat that wasn’t reserved and so I sat there for the majority of the journey.

As we pulled into one of the stations, Geilo, I felt a rush of cold air from the door and it finally struck me that I am in Norway. The reason it has only just hit me was because even though I had been I this country for 5 days, my only real experience had been the capital city and not what I was expecting at all. As pleasant as Oslo is, I always dreamt Norway to be the snow driven land I saw before me.

Getting off the train in Bergen, I was almost blinded by the sun peeking out from around the mountains that engulf this small harbour town. After I explored the streets, I use the word explored lightly, more that I got lost again, I arrived at the hostel. As I entered the building, I had to check myself in because their reception closes at 2pm during the off season.
Having taken a bit of a stroll around the city I decided to take a little rest and work out my next direction when three guys passed me by. It wasn’t until they had disappeared that I suddenly realised one of them was in fact Bill Bailey! About an hour passed and I kept wondering what the Part Troll was doing all the way out here. As it turns out he was actually doing a show here but by the time I made it back to the hostel to find out, the show had already started so was unable to get tickets.

On a positive note, I am arranging a fjord tour for tomorrow and trying to sort out a massive hike for Sunday. Got a fun-filled weekend!

One thought on “To Holmgard And Beyond

  1. jill

    It’s all sounding pretty amazing, the stories about the Viking ships being used as burial sites was fantastic and you have seen these ships!!! It’s a pity you didn’t get to chat to Bill Bailey, that could have been interesting, may be you could catch up with his show at a later date 😎


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