The Call Of The Mountains

As I promised, I took a hike today. Four of us from the hostel and from the trek last night went up to the same place as before, but this time we carried on even further.

Getting up to Fløyen was the easy part, it was very nice to do it in the daytime as there was a lot more to see than on the previous visit. We met a few wooden sculptures of witches and realised they actually formed an adventure playground for children. So of course I/we had to play on said playground. At the peak, the shops were open this time so we able to get an ice cream. Having rested we looked on a map to see our next destination and headed onwards. Following a lot of the crowd, we came across a very peaceful reservoir and we rested by this for a bit before setting off again. Once we had mapped out some shred of a plan we were directed to go certain ways by fence signs and slowly made our way off the regular path and upwards.

The further we climbed, the snowier it got and at one point I saw such clean snow and realised it needed a snow angel.


Climbing higher we saw a lot less people and were reaching the tops of the trees until we could see the whole of Bergen and a lot of the surrounding areas. Looking down on the city it seems to be completed surrounded by the imposing mountains but can still hold its own in the picture.


On our way back down, we came across a small hut called Fjellhytten which translates rather nicely as Mountain Lodge. As there seemed to be a large black cloud on the horizon we made our way down but not with any sense of urgency as the sun was still shining and was still very pleasant.

Having reached the bottom we rested having worked out we had been hiking for about 6 hours. Pretty tiring to say the least.

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