Lucky Animals

Yesterday I missed my chance to go to Skansen Open Air museum as they were closing/closed. So I encouraged myself to head out early and get there while it was still open. Got there half an hour after it opened so was quite proud of myself for that.

Entering the site and walking round to the right of the park I came across a model of the Old Town Quarter with some of the shops open. I had a look at some old engineering machines, where the youngest on site was manufactured in 1927! Speaking to the guide, he explained how all the machines are still in full working order and he regularly uses them to craft small items such as egg cups and a pestle and mortar. He then explained I should next visit the bakery and so I did.

Unfortunately the bakery wasn’t as open as the workshop, more just a shop selling freshly baked pastries so I left for the Potter’s store. Here, it was easier to chat with the guide and he talked me through what he was doing, he was trying to repair a vase as the mould was broken from the start so he was unsure if it would work or not.

The next place I visited was the Glassblowing workshop which was fantastic to say the least, two of them worked together to craft some amazing glass jars and it was fascinating to see how it’s all crafted. They did drop one during the manufacture so I thought I’d leave to save them any embarrassment.

As April is not the best season, all the other shops were closed for the day so I followed the path round towards the animal sections. I saw typical farmyard stays such as sheep, cows, horses and chickens. The most interesting section was the next lot; Scandanavian Beasts.  I walked past Wolverines which look just like bear cubs, and Wolves who were too dormant to do anything but sunbathe. The Lemurs, and the Lynx, in two separate cages of course, were pretty rampant, throwing themselves about their domains. I saw some small birds in the Aviary and some massive Eagle Owls. The main highlight for me was the Brown bear,  weighing in at 345 kg and standing at over 6 foot, this beast absolutely dominated it’s vicinity. I followed it as much as I could as I was completely fascinated how it could worm it’s way through some pretty small holes. The rest of the park was, sadly, less composing for me as I was still in awe of the bear but I persevered.

There was a Sami hut and quite a lot of old houses from previous centuries and it was good to follow the progress of development through the ages.
After spending nearly three hours there,  I moved on and went to the Historical Museum. Now, I’m getting a bit tired of museum visits, especially as most of the ones in Scandanavia all cover pretty much the same subjects but this was free so couldn’t pass on the opportunity.

The Historical Museum held many ornaments from different times and quite a few burial ground finds including skeleton remains and jewellery but it all got a bit exhausting so after making my way round a time line path of Sweden I called it a day.

Getting back to hostel for about 7 so ultimately had been on my feet for about 8 hours so no wonder my feet hurt!

One thought on “Lucky Animals

  1. Rosemary Rowntree

    Enjoying following your saga although I worry a bit about climbing a mountain in the evening when your clothing sounds a bit flimsy! And I bet no snow angel ever had a beard like your’s!


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