Too Much, Too Young, Too Fast

Went North today. 3 hours on a train up to Sundsvall for no real reason, more the fact that it was another place I could visit. I had no idea what to expect when I boarded that train.

As the train got moving, getting further and further from civilisation, I glanced up at the display in the carriage, it was changing between the time and the speed of the train. When I looked up, it showed we were travelling at 199kph,  which translates as about 124mph, so pretty fast.
Getting off the train I was overcome with a familiar feeling, the same disappointment I had with Apeldoorn.  However this time I was going into it with an open mind instead of the secluded dreams I had before.
Climbing for about 45 minutes, I found the hostel, barely peeking out from the wilderness in which it rest. Having seen some of the scenery on my way I decided that I would go on a woodland hike on the Sunday (tomorrow) as this seemed the perfect place to just get away from the city for a couple of days.

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