Born Underneath The Opium Tree

I had no idea what to do today so after sorting out a lot of photos from previous destinations I set off to explore the nature reserve that surrounds this hostel.

I left the building and walked down the road to where it splits from actual path to gravel. From there I made my way around the trees taking random turns when I saw fit.

The woods supplied me with some curious sights from the mediocre families taking a stroll on May Day, all the way to the obscure view of a lone male working out by lifting a single rock multiple times. However, each to their own.
After taking one particular turn I stumbled upon a small village which looked as if the residents had quite a bit of money as all the houses seemed to be a lot bigger than the rest of the properties in the area. Eventually, I found a way back into the forest and from a distance was able to watch a football game taking place. No idea who they were but the white team scored a goal against those in red.

After this I thought it best to work out how to get to the train station so I don’t miss my train tomorrow morning. Doing so, I got to explore some of this northern city.

As I made my way round the streets I came across what looked like a protest, but as I neared, turns out it was a matching band parade with what I can only describe as a picket rally behind it. Due to the signs being only in Swedish I don’t actually know what was happening.

Needed an early night after all of that and the fact that I had an early train in the morning.

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