Lead Sails (And A Paper Anchor)

Having a whole room to myself these past two nights has been an absolute blessing. Especially when I had to wake up at 6.30 this morning. I got up that early so that I could get everything packed and get to my train on time.  I estimated that it would take me the same amount of time from the hostel as it took to get to the hostel. Surprise surprise, walking downhill is a lot quicker than uphill, who knew?!?

Got to the train station with about 45 minutes to spare.
The train journey itself was uneventful and I disembarked at Stockholm Central.
Took a little walk around Stockholm as I’d never passed the northern part of the city, plus the fact that that was where my ferry sailed from. It all looked so familiar, as if I’d only been away for a couple of days.
They don’t make it easy to get to the terminal check in for pedestrians, there were zero signs for it on the footpath so I had to follow the road signs instead. Eventually I made my way to the desk then spent another 10 minutes walking along the boarding gate until I reached the boat itself. I boarded and found my own room in the deck of the ship. I’m starting to get used to this lone sleeping, not sure how I’ll cope hearing others snoring again though.
Instead of staying in my room all night I headed to the “pub” where there was a guitarist playing all sorts of music ranging from Bill Withers to David Bowie. Having had a few beers I called it a night and went back to my room to get an early start tomorrow.

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