Miklagard Overture

Having spent a very pleasant night on the boat I was rudely awoken by my alarm. Once I got everything packed up back into my sack, I disembarked to be greeted by the incredibly bright Finnish sun.

My first task here was to find the central train station because I wasn’t actually staying in Helsinki for the first night, strange I know. This train station was probably the easiest to find on this while trip, it took a bit of walking but Helsinki seems pretty simple to navigate through, at least this time.
I don’t think Finland get that many Interrail tourists as when the conductor was inspecting my pass he seemed genuinely surprised to see one.

The train pulled into Tampere station and as I looked out the window I saw what I can only describe as a mini Red Square, the big church in Moscow.
When I found my hostel I asked, as I always do, what do I need to see while I’m here. I was told to visit Pyynikki Park and go up the tower to get views of the the whole city. While on my way there I stopped to admire the river that flows through the city and so I sat in the gardens by the side of it. After a while two guys started doing something I haven’t seen in years. They started playing hacky sack, one was good, the other not so. Following this I wandered the streets and lo and be hold I came across the church I saw earlier.

Through a lot of building work I also discovered the local football ground but I can’t work out why work they’re doing to it, looks like they’re either putting a running track around or turning it into a cricket pitch (?).
After walking around in the boiling hot sun, not what I expected of Finland, I went to get some shopping and relax back at the hostel. You could say, I was ‘Finnished’ for the day.



One thought on “Miklagard Overture

  1. Jill

    Sounds like you chillin, hope you are enjoying Tampare. I am surprised you have sunshine but it must make a pleasant change. The church looks very ornate the domes are not what you would expect.


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