Cursed Be Iron

Seeing as though both Sundsvall and Tampere have been somewhat minor disappointments, I was very glad to get to Helsinki. I got up and had my bowl of Coco Pops (always a child) and left Tampere behind me.

Once I got into the capital I immediately found my way to the hostel which was as easy as I thought it would be, Helsinki still seems easy to navigate. The only problem was that I was too early to check in, so I left my bag in their luggage room and went for a bit of a walk. As my residence is situated on a little peninsula I went straight towards the coast and found a little garden to relax in. Just as in the previous place, there was more strange goings on here, not hacky sack though. It was two older gentlemen, playing with a quadcopter, or drone, and chasing their dogs with it which was quite amusing to watch.

Now, I’m not sure how employment works in Finland or if it’s everyone’s holiday but nobody ever seems to be inside, there’s always a lot of people out enjoying the unusual weather and I think that is a fantastic attitude to have.
Didn’t do much else with the day, but I have organised what to do with my time here though so some positivity going forward.

One thought on “Cursed Be Iron

  1. Jill

    It’s a shame that Sundsvall and Tampere have not lived up to your expectations but it sounds like Helsinki is going to hit the right note, hope you have a great time.😏


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