Brighter Than The Sun

The alternative title for this post was going to be 43% Burnt as that’s exactly how I feel right now. Since Thursday I have been getting progressively more sun than everywhere I have been so far and today was the tipping point when I needed some protection.

I set out early to find somewhere that sold sunscreen but the 1st place I stopped at hadn’t opened yet so I thought I would head to the main shopping arcade. I did so very carefully,  jumping into as much shade as I could possibly find. It was almost like playing the children’s game ‘the floor is lava’ as I jauntily made my way across town. Ultimately I found somewhere that sold decent SPF and at a reasonable price so I lathered up in that and then happily came back to the hostel.

Before all that though, I took in a traditional Finnish Sauna early this morning and quite rightly, intend to do so again tomorrow morning! The word Sauna is the only Finnish word that has been adopted into the English diction. Their way of using the sauna is to stay inside the shelter for a long time, then jump into a cold shower to wash everything off, and then do it all over again. This dramatically helps to clean the body of all sweat, bacteria and dead skin. I can certainly say, I never felt cleaner afterwards.

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