Return To Energizer

Those who have been reading this for a while will know that I have already been to Copenhagen but I have returned to this amazing city once again as I missed a few sights on my first trip.

It all started yesterday when I met up with a couple of friends and headed out to Freetown Cristiania. It’s a small enclave just off the south east of the city that has separated itself from the rest of the city, set up by a bunch of hippies, and they even have their own laws in place. So we wanderered around there for a while, there’s a lot of art sculptures made from rubbish and a ton of graffiti about the place, good graffiti though, full colour pieces all over the the walls. We also went over to Streetfood which is a large indoor market with loads of sea containers and food trucks selling grub. We then left there and headed back towards the centre but had to stop at the palace as the tower above it gave fantastic views of the city. In the evening, the hostel offered everyone a free meal which turned out to be Veggie Soup, not the meal I would’ve chosen, but it’s free so who am I to complain?

Today was another day of exploring but this time with an actual tour guide. I joined in a walking tour around the city and learnt all about the history of the places from the original development of the city, the Danish Resistance during WWII all the way up to the current Royal family. After this, I lead a few of the people from the tour up to see the little mermaid again as I was the only one who knew where it was.

Following this I came back to the hostel and relaxed a bit after my four hour walk.

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