Can I Play With Madness?

In hindsight, this post should be called Crazy Train but I’ve already used it so had to go with something else.

Today really has been completely mad though. I woke up at about 8am having only gone to bed at about 4am, so that wasn’t the best start, but I did get to see the start of the sunrise in Copenhagen.

After this I checked out and headed towards the train station. On the way, I actually bumped into the guide from the walking tour yesterday and he told me there is a sister tour in Hamburg so I already know what’s planned for tomorrow and he also told me there is a small area that is full of rock/metal shops so I think that’s something I have to see. Having said goodbye to him I got to the train station and boarded my train. This wasn’t as easy as usual as nobody could work our where they were supposed to be sitting as nothing was labelled properly! After this, the train came to a complete stop in Nykøbing and we had to change trains but nobody was told about this so nearly everybody stayed on the original train until the conductor had to tell everybody to change. Then they had another surprise in store for me by loading the whole train onto a ferry and we sailed across the sea to Germany… and I thought I had got away from the sea for a bit!


As we got back onto dry land we pulled up to a stop and the conductor started ushering a passenger off the train. From what I understood, he had, or was trying to have, a cigarette on the train! Some people still shock me.

Passing through northern Germany isn’t anything spectacular to look at but arriving in Hamburg is completely different. It’s a city with a lot of different cultures running through it and a real sense of community as I walked through the place to get to my hostel; there were a lot of people hanging out on the streets playing cards with each other and chatting, I thought this was quite a nice atmosphere to welcome me to the country.

After I checked in to the hostel, I messaged a friend of mine, who I knew was also staying here and informed him that I had arrived. He came down to the lobby and we found out we were actually staying in the same room, so that was pretty cool. We headed up to the dorm and met another roommate, and then the three of us grabbed some food from the supermarket and sat by the harbour. Hamburg even have a beach at the harbour so we sat there, eating and drinking with the locals before we called it a night and headed back to the hostel for some rest.

4 thoughts on “Can I Play With Madness?

  1. Dad

    Happy Birthday Nick!
    Have a wonderful day today, we’re all enjoying reading about your travels. Thinking about you on your special day.
    Lots of love, Dad Xx


  2. Happy Birthday Nick, hope you have a fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoying your blog, you must be seeing some amazing sights, loading the train on the ferry must have been very surprising!
    Here’s a little tune…to help you celebrate your birthday xxx


  3. Happy Birthday Nick, hope you have a fantastic day. Thoroughly enjoying your blog, you must be seeing some amazing sights, the train being loaded on to the ferry must have been quite surprising.
    Here’s a little tune to help you celebrate your special day xx


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