Never Walk Alone… A Call To Arms

Today’s main thing was walking. Lots of walking as I joined in on two free walking tours that took me all around the second largest city in Germany.

The first tour covered things like the City Hall, Town Charters, the numerous Great Fires of Hamburg, and quite a few churches. This was a good tour as we got to delve into the history of the place.

At the last stop, the guide informed us all that the largest church in Hamburg was available to view inside so a couple others and I ventured in and came across a sight I won’t forget for a while; I witnessed first hand, a German Wedding. Now I don’t have much experience with weddings in general so I only expected what I’ve seen in TV/Movies and that’s the couple at the front, they have a bit of a natter about promises, vows etc. and then leave. This was completely different. The bride walked down the aisle and then the pair were given chairs to sit on. The leader of the ceremony then said quite a bit about love and then an instrumental song played, but all the congregation knew the words so they sang along. When the song stopped, the priest said a lot more, and after about 20 minutes of talking, my group and I called it a day in there.

The next tour was an 18 minute walk away and it started in 10 minutes so the three of us hurried there hoping they wouldn’t start it for a while and luckily we were correct.
This tour took us around the St Pauli district of Hamburg which is a very close knit community as they are usually refugees and squatters so they have to band together to survive. The tour guided us from the harbour area where we learnt about Roman Abramovich’s largest yacht, up to the St Pauli district, and even through the notorious Red Light district. After this tour ended I headed back to the hostel and hung out with my roommates, drinking a few beers, before we went into town.

On the tour of the St Pauli, we were told of three bars that all have live music on weekends so we made our way there for a bit of a boogie and of course came across a covers band playing stuff by Foo Fighters, Incubus, and Oasis. I remember at one point the vocalist singled me out and made me sing a section of ‘Don’t Look Back In Anger’ but he didn’t hand me the mic so I belted it out as loud as I could and I’ve been told I could be heard over the band playing so I’m quite pleased with myself.

Only been in Hamburg for a day but it’s provided me with a lot more than I expected!

2 thoughts on “Never Walk Alone… A Call To Arms

  1. Jill

    Well you are having fun, sounds like you kicked off your birthday celebrations in style singing with the band WOO WOO. The tours sound good you are going to be a mine of information xx


  2. Pam Turner

    Hi Nick sounds like you are having an amazing experience. Well gel!!!
    Happy birthday hope you celebrate in style. Lol pam John James and Georgie


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