Just Drive

There was no update yesterday as I didn’t really do much in the end.

My main priority was recovering from the night before and this started to ease off around 3pm so I went for a bit of a walk with a couple of my roommates. We went back to the church with the wedding to see if we could get a proper view without the others but unaware to us, it was a Sunday so there was a service going on. Instead, we climbed to the very top of the steeple to get some brilliant views of the city and then made our way back to the hostel as we needed food.

The evening plan was to go for another walk under the Elda-Tunnel but after more planning than needed we ended up not going out but going to bed instead.

Today was another travel day, but a bit different this time. As I had finished my Interrail Pass I thought I would travel by coach for this one, mainly to see how they compare, also pricing came into play.

The bus ride was nothing interesting, it was quite quiet actually; but comparing prices it was so much better. The train would’ve been about £49 whereas this journey only cost me £12. Fantastic deal really!
The kicker came when I got off the bus, as it stopped outside the city, at the airport. I thought this would be fine as I could just get the underground train into the centre. The problem was that the ticket machines would not accept any of my cards, and the ATMs at the airport were both out of order! For a country known to be efficient, so far they are completely opposite.

In the end, I ended up having to get a taxi into the centre and this came to almost the same price as a train ticket would’ve cost me. Seems I’m not very good with my money!

Still though, I arrived in to Cologne (Köln) and found my hostel quite easily thanks to a new app I had been recommended; MAPS.me, it was an offline map application, before Google intervened with their version. I checked into my abode and had a good nights rest.

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