The North Stands For Nothing

Cologne was previously hailed as the most northern city of Italy as the people don’t tend to conform to German stereotypes but follow a more relaxed enjoyment. It certainly gave me that impression.

I went on a walking tour of Cologne, I’m doing quite a few of these now, and learnt all about the significance of the number 11, the thinnest building built, and all about the history of this city. He directed us around the many cathedrals, and churches of Cologne including the central Dom Cathedral. Many of these have been restored or are still being repaired from the damage done 71+ years ago. As there was only two of us on this walk, we got a lot more stories told to us such as the tale of Legend of Jan and Griet and the Curious Tailors wife. We even had time to visit the local brewery and try some of the beer; Gaffel Kolsch.

After this I came back to the hostel and had my dinner and relaxed a bit, chatting and sharing beers with one of the other guests.

This morning I woke up and realised I had nothing planned for the next few days so I spent the first half the day getting that sorted. So now I’m going to Frankfurt for 3 nights, getting a £2.50 bus there and then over to Lyon in France after that; let’s hope my buses go better than last time.
Today, another guest and I took a walk up to the Köln Botanical Gardens and had a look at all the massive range of flowers and plants they had on display. They had vegetation from all over the world, ranging from desert plants and carnivorous all the way to orchids and tulips. We also passed the Sculpture Park and took in a bit of local art all made by sculptors from around the city. Some of these sculptures were open ended and I had the ability to even walk through some.

Instead of coming straight back I introduced my new friend to the Dom Cathedral to get a better tour around the place and this time went down into the crypt and took a slower pace around the building. I would’ve gone to the top of this but felt it better to keep my feet on the ground for a little but having already seen quite a few skylines in as little weeks.

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