Dirty Little Secret

Had a terrible nights sleep as I knew I had to be up early today and my body is just not capable of this now I’m the grand old age of 25!

Went to bed for about 10.30pm and woke up around midnight, 2am, 4am, and then just before 7am, which was the time my alarm went off. I quickly bundled all my stuff into my bag and took off to the train station to get the subway to the airport. I arrived at the terminal and found my bus already waiting for me, so I got on and found a seat for the next two hours journey. Comparing this one to my last trip, this was so much easier and cheaper as the subway only cost €2.80 and the coach cost me £3.

After getting off in Frankfurt I got to my hostel. Reading the reviews of this place were all pretty negative due to the surrounding areas; it’s slap-bang in the middle of the Red Light District.

Having arrived too early to check in, I left my bags in the luggage room, and headed out to see some of the sights. Once again, I took part in a walking tour of the city to get an idea of the places around me. This one was organised by the University Students and took the group around some of the sights including the City Hall, St Paul Church and even into the sordid Red Light District where we learnt all about the Injection rooms and the Prostitution sector.

After this, a couple of us from the group went to try a taste of the local alcohol;  Apfelwein, apple wine to you and I. This was available in either pure, or served with soda/lemonade. I opted for the lemonade as I was told pure tends to be about 12%. Turns out, with lemonade, it’s a lot weaker than expected.

By this time, it was well past 2pm and I was able to check in so I trundled back to the Red Light district and checked in to my hostel, had a bit of a nap and then sat in the common room and chatted the night away with a few others.

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