Gotta say, I feel pretty stupid.

Since arriving in Germany last week I have been seeing signs for “einbahnstraße” and constantly wondering what it meant, as I saw the same sign in Hamburg, Cologne, and now again in Frankfurt. As I wasn’t very motivated today I took a little walk and thought I might try to find what or where these signs led to. After following them around for about an hour, I realised they all started to point in no particular direction so I gave up and headed back to the hostel. As soon as I got Wi-fi going. I looked it up. Turns out it means “one-way street”. Well don’t I look a fool now.

Today was a pretty dull day otherwise as I went for a little walk just around the city just so I’m not sat inside all day. Had a bit of a stroll around the river and a couple of gardens but nothing monumental happened.

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