The Downfall Of Us All

Got into bed at about 11pm and properly woke up about 12 hours later. Turns out having very little sleep the previous night, and sitting on a bus for virtually a whole day can really take a strain on the body.

Once I had finally come round, I headed out to see the old town of Lyon. These are very tight cobbled streets and it’s easy to see the age on them as there isn’t much in the way of modern repair. The shops in these streets sell to a very niche market with nothing of modern design. Coming through the other side of the old town I came across the ruins of an old amphitheatre, the Ancient Theatre of Fourvière. Here you could see where the seats were previously but unfortunately, the top tier of seats had been destroyed; the vaults underneath were still visible though. The venue itself is still used today to house about 4,500 people and it looked as if the staff were actually preparing for a show sometime soon.

I left there and climbed the hill up to the Basilica of Notre-Dame de Fourvière which is a massive church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. Comically, it has actually been nicknamed “the upside-down elephant”, because the building looks like the body of an elephant and the four towers look like its legs. Inside, there are multiple stunning artworks adorning all the walls. To the rear of the church is a rose garden and orchard which lead down the hill and back to the river.

I followed the river back towards the hostel to explore the other side and came across a statue of Jean Kleberger who was a merchant German philanthropist and was very well connected with the history of the city of Lyon. As it stared to rain again, I called it an early finish and trudged back to my hostel.

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