Prepare To Be Digitally Manipulated

Fun fact: Sometimes people use cigarettes packs instead of mobile phones and talk as if there is someone on the other end.

Read on to find out what on Earth I’m talking about.

In complete contrast to yesterday, in which I visited the old town of Lyon, today I hit the new side and it’s pretty easy to tell the difference. The old town has quaint little shops and they’re not the most stylistic of buildings whereas the other side is completely clean, with a sterile feel, and every shop has a large window display showing off their tremendous range of stock. It’s not just the shops that contrast but also the roads themselves. They are all tarmac and filled with traffic bustling in between each other to get to their destination first.

Crowded between these mass markets are some small monuments such as the Armenian Genocide Memorial, and a few other unnamed statues.
There are a couple of large open spaces, namely the Place des Terreaux and the Place Bellecour which are basically the town square(s).

Anyway, back to my introduction: on my way back to the hostel I passed the supermarket, I visited the day before, it’s not in the centre of town but slightly outside and it’s in a poorer neighbourhood, so the characters are somewhat different. As I was passing a man, I could hear him talking as if he was on the phone and it looked like it too, as he had a yellow object placed to his ear. It wasn’t until I got closer to him and passed did I realise it was actually a yellow box of cigarettes. What a way to end my time in Lyon.

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