When I was back in Frankfurt, I arranged with some family members that I would visit them while I was travelling, having not seen them in quite a while.

So, I got up at 5am on Wednesday and had to walk over to the other side of Lyon to catch my bus. According to my map, it should’ve taken an hour but I gave myself an hour and a half to walk there. Turns out, I only needed 45 minutes.  Now, unlike other bus journeys I’ve taken, this one was almost empty. For most of the journey, there was only about 4 of us on a 100 seat coach. Seems not that many people wanted to leave Lyon at 7.30am.

I arrived in Limoges and was picked at the station by my family and we drive back to their house, where I have a whole bedroom to myself. Really strange feeling that I don’t have to hear others snoring for the time being!

Woke up this morning, pretty late, as I had had a very early start the previous day so was a bit worn out.

Sat and enjoyed a chilled out breakfast and lunch, then got to help out in their back garden. They’re in the process of some development and I offered to lend a hand. So most of the afternoon was spent digging out holes for posts to go in.

Considering I haven’t done any proper manual work in quite some time, I thoroughly enjoyed doing this. I did enjoy the beer afterwards a little more though.

Sitting in the garden, all you can see is greenery. The place is just surrounded by fields and forests as far as the eye can see. Apart from someone mowing their lawn, the only other sounds are birds, bees, crickets and the occasional sound of a tree falling.

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