What do Locusts, Mealworms, Grasshoppers and Crickets all have in common? That’s right, you guessed right, I got the chance to taste them all today.

I went to la Cite des Insectes, The City of Insects to you and I, and had a fantastic time. It shows you how people documented all the insects they found and the modern techniques they use to identify all the species. In the basement there is a full ants nest and you can see them all hard at work and there is also a selection of other bugs including stick insects and scarabs.

Now the bit you’ve been waiting for… Towards the end of the tour, I was lucky enough to try some of the grub. Earlier in the day a couple of school groups had been visiting and clearly not finished all the tasters so I was able to try some.
The first I tried was a mealworm which looked very much like any larval pupae but actually tasted rather like a pine nut, also got stuck in my teeth like a pine nut.
The next one was a house-cricket, which unfortunately I had to try twice.  The first one I tried had a rather vinegar-like taste to it and apparently this was a bit off. On my next attempt I got a proper taste as it should be quite like a hazelnut.
My third critter was another house-cricket but this time it was covered in chocolate and tasted more like a chocolate nut so that was a nice change.
The spicy grass-hopper was very pleasant and not as spicy as I was expecting.
My final bite was a locust and this took a little extra preparation as I had to take the wings off it first which was a bit strange.  Apparently if you eat them it’s like eating the tail of a prawn, can easily get stuck in your teeth.
I thought this was all but just as I was leaving I was offered a bit of an energy bar which contained coconut, fig, chocolate and, like any other good protein bar, meal-worms.

One thought on “Locust

  1. Jill

    Yuck 😝 no no no that is just sooo wrong on every level you are crazy. Hope you enjoyed your yucky snacks you weirdo hahaha


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