Technically Alive

Having an hour and a half worth of sleep can do odd things to a person. Maybe I’ll start using a cigarette box as a phone? What I do know however, is that I’m in that odd purgatory between tired and wired.

As I was way too early to check in to my hostel, 2pm and I arrived at 8am, I decided to have a wander around the city. The staff at the hostel seemed just as confused as I was, but they were very kind and allowed me to store my bag until a more reasonable time. I took a stroll down Las Ramblas and ended up at the harbour where I sat and enjoyed the morning sun for a bit. Just in the distance I heard an almighty roar that was instantly recognisable; motorbikes. Loads of motorbikes riding out on a bright, sunny Sunday morning.

When I dropped my bag off before, I saw an advert for a free walking tour so at about 10am I joined in with this and got to see and hear all about the Old Gothic side of the city.

As soon as this tour was over it was my chance to get checked in. I picked up all my stuff and sorted my bed out and the first thing I knew I had to do; have a nap.

A few hours later and I was feeling ever so refreshed. Speaking to the staff at the hostel, they gave me quite a few things to see and do in the city so I planned out my next few days in the city, ensuring I made time for some sunbathing on the beach.

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