Flash Of The Blade

I stayed in last night, and I’m really glad I did.

Sitting on the balcony of the hostel I was able to witness the Corpus Christi celebrations which included a massive procession of musicians, dancers and people dressed up. The most peculiar sights were the people dressed up as what looked like a King and Queen but they must have been about 12 foot tall! There was also people dressed up as horses and dragons and other unknown characters. All this parade lasted for about 2 hours as they made their way down the street to the main cathedral of Barcelona.

Speaking of the cathedral, we covered it during the walking tour I joined, it is absolutely massive and in the cloister there are 13 geese dedicated to Eulalia of Barcelona, the co-patron saint of Barcelona. She was a young girl who suffered martyrdom during Roman times in the city due to her strong belief in the Catholic faith before the Romans converted. As it is a religious tradition, there is also an egg placed on top of a fountain and it “dances” throughout the festival period.

This morning I got up and did a little bit of food shopping and on my way back to the hostel I passed the local police precinct and saw the most unnerving sight; an armed police officer struggling to get her gun strap off her shoulders. She actually needed another officer to help her out. If they’re the ones looking out for my safety, I’m glad I’m only here until Wednesday.

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