Just Curious

Due to some complaints yesterday I decided to at least give some of Gaudi’s stuff the chance and so I joined a tour around some of his most monumental pieces and get some history on them. I’ll say it now, I didn’t actually go into any of them as I was told all about the interior and the guide actually told us ways to see it for free and that for travellers, he recommended just seeing it online instead.

I’ll start by say that this tour wasn’t just solely on Antoni Gaudi but on the whole Modernisme movement that Barcelona is supposedly known for.
The first building we saw was the restaurant; 4 Cats, which is in the building Casa Martí. This was a building synonymous with the movement and attracted artists from all over the area. One particular artist, a Mr Pablo Picasso, actually had his first gallery exhibition in this very bar.
Secondly, we went to Casa Calvet which is an unusual building by Gaudi as it is symmetrical which completely disregarded his normal work.
The third stop was the Palau de la Música Catalana which is well known for its inverted stained-glass dome inside the building. This actually provided all the light necessary for illuminating the interior as performances were only during the daytime.
The Block of Discord, or Illa de la Discòrdia to give it it’s proper name, was our next point. This road has some of the most unlikely buildings all within a few metres of each other. On the corner is the Casa Lleó Morera which is adorned with statues of Dragons in the ground floor windows. Just down the road is a chocolatier, set up in the Cadafalch building; Casa Amatller. This is right next to the House of Bones; Casa Batlló (I haven’t linked this as I already did so in yesterday’s post Architect, so you’ll have to read that one too).
Just down the road is the Casa Milà which was heavily influenced by the Mediterranean Sea. The exterior is reminiscent of the waves of the sea and the balcony fronts are actually inspired by seaweed.
Our final stop was the same as my final stop yesterday; Sagrada Família (once again, I already linked it yesterday, stop being so lazy). I was given some actual information this time instead of just looking at it. Gaudi actually lived in it for the final years of his life and he even built the kindergarten school next door for the children of his workers. The construction of it is only built on donations and will not accept any money from the government. Due to his death in 1926, the workers have actually stated they aim to finish the building in 2026, one hundred years after the designers passing. It is universally thought, this won’t be case as there is still so much to be done.

In the end, I walked away happy. Safe in the knowledge that Modernisme is not for me. But at the very least, I gave it a chance… and you can’t say fairer than that.

One thought on “Just Curious

  1. Johnginger

    Oh I’ve just seen this. Glad you got to hear more about it but still can’t believe you didn’t go in! Haha. Xx


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