Raining Blood

Thursday was a write off. I didn’t even get out of bed until about 4pm. It was necessary though, just to reset myself from the party the night before. But yesterday was different.Yesterday I explored Valencia.
Unfortunately I missed the organised walking tour so I thought I’d make my own instead. I started by visiting the Torres Del Serrans which looks like something straight out of Game of Thrones. It is in fact the original gateway into Valencia and is hailed as the biggest Gothic set of doors in all of Europe.
After being harassed by a few homeless, I set off into the heart of the city. I came across the Cathedral of Valencia and the Basilica of the Virgin of the Helpless.

For some reason, Trip Advisor suggested the Central Train Station as a must see, I ignored this as I wanted to see the building next to it. The Plaza de Toros de Valencia. This is a large arena used for the “sport” of bullfighting. I didn’t go in because it was closed but you could see some of it from the outside.

I then fancied a look around the Central Market which was massive. It seems the only stalls are butchers and fishmongers but the cuts of meat were immense and just racks and racks hanging from the rafters. Just round the corner from here is the old Silk Market which is tiny in comparison. This is more just a small selection of sellers trying to flog blankets and touristic T-shirts.

With the heat starting to rise as it got closer to midday I thought I should go relax in the park for a bit. I headed out the main city towards the gardens surrounding it and found a little shade in the park. On my way out of town, I picked up a little picnic goodies including a couple of Spanish pastries. The first one was very nice, spinach with some kind of cheese. The second one was kind of disappointing. It seemed to just be some blended tomatoes in a crusty wrap. Once the weather had settled down a bit, I walked further through the gardens and came across a small set of stalls set up for the local hippie festival. This was very interesting to walk round. Some stalls were vegan/vegetarian foods and others were artistic creations of either wood, copper and one stall had pieces made from rubbish including an old Dyson cleaner.

Coming out the other side of this I saw what could only be described as a Clone Trooper helmet (it’s from Star Wars). Getting closer to this, I discovered it was actually the Opera house. Right next to this was an educational piece on time and ways of naturally measuring it.
Having worked out my legs, and now my brain, I headed back to the hostel to socialise with friends I met the previous nights.

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