So Far Away

It’s been a while since I last sat on a train, especially considering the first half of this trip was trains every other day or so. The hostel that I’m staying at now is 6 miles from the centre of Alicante so I had to get a train to it.

This would’ve been pretty simple if the platform the guide told me take was available. As I got off the bus from Valencia I followed my instructions to the nearest subway station, but found that it had been sealed off. The reason for this, from what I can make out, is that this weekend is Alicante’s street festival. On my way to get the tram I stopped in the street, as there was a band playing, so I took advantage of this and listened to a couple of songs, then left. Going up the street there was another band setting up so I assume they alternate the stages to avoid sound clash.  When I finally understood that I could just take the subway from the next station, I had been wandering around, in the heat for the best part of an hour.

Eventually I made it to my hostel and got checked in, this place has a pool! Took a wander around the local area and did a little shopping. This area, Campello, just outside Alicante seems very quaint and not very touristic which seems nice.

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