Two Months Form A Year

Two months.
61 days.

Exactly two months ago today, I said goodbye to the UK. Not for the last time but just for the time being.

To celebrate, Alicante put on the strangest display for me. They had a firework display at 2pm in the bright daylight sunshine and it really was the oddest situation. I knew from yesterday that there was something going on throughout this weekend as they had the band performances and one particular subway station was closed all this weekend. Therefore I thought I would head into the centre today to see what was happening. By the time I got in, I saw there was a massive crowd forming around the closed station so I was able to work my way close to the front to get a good view.

After about 20 minutes of waiting, including photos taken by the Fire Department the show started. At first I couldn’t see what was happening but it sounded like fireworks. Then the smoke started. And the flares started. In a matter of seconds, the whole area was covered in a thick fog of purple and pink, and the sky was lit up by this glittery substance.

Just as everything ended, a woman close to me hit the ground. It seems she must have fainted or suffered sunstroke in the 30° heat. Immediately the crowd picked her up and got the rescue services to escort her away. Knowing she was in good hands, I ventured off up to, what looked like, a mountainside castle. Turns out when I finally got to the top it was just the remains of a castle. From the large amount of graffiti and broken glass, I can only assume it is now used more often by local youths instead.
From here I got a fantastic view of the official Castle, Castillo de Santa Barbara.

Took a while for me to work out how to get into this as the main entrance is from the train station on the other side whereas I was coming in from the West Wall. Eventually, after quite a bit of backtracking and looking over walls, I found the entrance. Now originally I had intended to see this at sundown (about 9pm) but due to my usually bad organisation, 5pm was the time I arrived. Regardless, I took my time wandering around the place. It’s set on about 3 levels with bits of information on each. One has the history of the building from the original “banditos”, all the way to when it was last used as an actual fort. Another level has a collection of pottery selections ranging from small chunks to fully formed intricate vases.

After about an hour exploring the place I headed back toward the hostel as I was virtually boiling inside from the heat.

One thought on “Two Months Form A Year

  1. Jill

    Fireworks during the day does really seem to defeat the object but they must have had their reasons I suppose. It’s a shame your castle was vandalised it could have been a good find. You still seem to be coping with the heat although I’m not sure boiling from the inside sounds very nice Xx


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