Shaping The Clouds

Felt the Alicante sand between my toes as I had an early morning workout yesterday. Went to the beach with a couple of guys from the hostel and had the hardest workout in a while. We did a lot of strength training and muscle toning. Just body weight exercises really, things like dips, chin ups, knee ups etc.

After that, came back to the hostel and had a well deserved splash in the pool.

Around noon, I foolishly headed out to the local market and picked up some lunch, then thought I would take a wander around Campello. The only problem with that thought was that it was so hot, I could barely move. Instead I went back to the hostel and ended up having a nap, didn’t plan on doing that, it just happened. Nothing else really happened yesterday, just relaxed from the beating sun.

Today I left pretty early as I had to get the tram into Alicante centre and get to my bus destined for Granada. I had planned to meet up with \ friend from Valencia in Granada but we actually accidentally reunited in the bus station. We discussed our hostel arrangements and then boarded the almost empty bus. I’ve got to say this is the fanciest coach I have ever been on. Personal TV’s on each seat and the ability to watch movies, play games and listen to music. So, considering I’ve never seen it, I put on the Sandra Bullock film; Gravity. And then, as I had another few hours to kill, I was able to also watch Big Hero 6 (fantastic Disney flick) and the new Jurassic World film, which I had been meaning to watch anyway. To say this was a fantastic coach trip, is an understatement.

7 hours after boarding the bus, I disembarked and my way to my hostel at the other side of town. At the request of my friend, we’re going to try to find a Flamenco show somewhere round here.

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