Drum Solo

This is going to be a short entry as I’m writing this the morning after Flamenco so I don’t forget any of it.

Well, Flamenco was insane. But then again, I didn’t really know what to expect.

There were four people on stage; a singer, a guitarist and two dancers. The vocalist had a very pained voice, not painful, but clearly full of emotion and unfortunately, as it was in Spanish, I couldn’t understand a word he was singing. The guitarist was incredibly light fingered and could play so fast I couldn’t even see his fingers moving! The two dancers were amazing; a male and a female, and their feet were out of control. It felt almost like a tap dance, or a traditional Irish dance, but there was a lot more movement in the upper body. At one point, all the music stopped and it was just a percussion solo really with her feet going crazy and the remaining members clapping along.

The only vocals I could actually work out was the “ole” chant.
After the show I came back and had quite a chilled rest of the night. Well I would’ve done if people hadn’t decided to make their beds at 4am and then proceed to be the loudest snorers I’ve heard in a while!

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