Keep It On Ice

After the calamity of Sunday, I ensured I got to the bus station with over an hour to spare to get my ticket to Seville. As it turns out, this was just about right. I ended up spending roughly 30 to 45 minutes in the ticket queue but this time I was successful.

As I got on the bus I realised this was a similar bus as the one I took between Valencia and Alicante, as it had screens to watch movies. I only had a couple of hours to kill on this journey so I could only watch 1 film. I had to make it good.  I watched the Disney smash hit: Frozen.

While I was checking in to the hostel, I messaged my travelling buddy, the same one from Valencia and Granada, to inform him of my whereabouts and at the same time, he walked into my hostel! We checked in together and then went to our respective rooms.

Chatting in the garden with my friend and meeting other guests, some of us decided to venture out and we decided to go to a Karaoke bar. My pal is a regular at his local sing-spot and it was easy to see this as he passionately belted out Queen’s Somebody To Love. I opted for Party Hard by Andrew W.K. but it wasn’t until I got on stage did I realise that I had no idea how this song went. Luckily the three of us were the only ones in the whole place, plus the barman, so it wasn’t totally humiliating.


Today, the pair of us took a walking tour around the city of Seville and we got to see such sights as the Cathedral, the Giralda bell tower and  my personal favourite; Plaza España.

The last place on the tour, Plaza España has actually been used in quite a few films and TV shows including the well known science fiction film series; Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones in which it featured as the City of Theed on the Planet Naboo. Due to its significance, my travelling buddy and I actually took a romantic canoe ride around the river.


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