Right Back At It Again

I hadn’t realised my last update was from Granada. Since then I’ve been to Malaga and currently in Seville, so let me first tell you about Malaga…

One of the first things I did when I got to the city was the walking tour. In comparison with others, this one wasn’t as good and unfortunately I didn’t have to patience to see it out. I actually left when we got to the Old Roman Theater, as this looked really interesting. Ultimately it’s the same amphitheatre as many other places but some of the materials had actually been reused to build the Muslim fortress.

Walking around the fortress, conveniently located just behind the theatre, it is quite easy to see where the Roman architecture has been put to use.


The further into the fortress you walk, the more intricate the walls get, in the similar decoration as Granada’s Alhambra. There isn’t as much to see here as only two rooms are open to the public but in these rooms are quite a few displays of pottery. The gardens were very nice to sit in and it would be quite easy to relax there if it wasn’t for the two large groups of schoolchildren I had to content with.

Just up the hill from the Alcazaba, there is another large stone building. This one is located on top of the mountain; Gibralfaro. As it stands at 130m, I decided to try this the day after the Alcazaba as it was a bit too hot. So first thing Saturday morning I headed straight there. The castle at the top gave the most spectacular views of Malaga from the port all through the city centre up to the mountain on the other side.


I ended up spending about 3 hours in the castle until I realised the heat would hit me on the way down. So I quickly descended to avoid the impending swelter.

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