Sorry You’re Not A Winner

One of the reasons I wanted to visit Malaga was so that I could take a day trip out to Gibraltar. Seems it’s easier said than done.

Looking at the time tables to get there, the first bus was at 7am. So I got an early night and set an alarm so I could get there on time. Unfortunately, the world thought different. The first problem was that at stupid ‘o’ clock in the morning, two guys walked into the hostel room, turned all the lights on and started talking at loud volumes. Shortly after this, what I can only describe as a matching band then took to the streets outside, I wasn’t sure if this was my imagination until somebody else told me they’d heard it too.

Consequently, I slept through my alarm.

I thought I could get the next bus,  11.30am. However, when I got to the bus station, with a lot of time to spare, this was also unsuccessful. The ticket machines were out of order and the queue for the kiosk was insane. So insane that by the time I’d got halfway through the line, the bus had already departed! The next bus wasn’t even an option as I wouldn’t get into Gibraltar until about 6pm and the last bus out left at 7pm.

After the absolute disaster of the morning, I went back to the hostel and made sure I would do something positive. I booked the next couple of hostels, an overnight bus and my flight back to the UK.

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