Destroy The Dancefloor

There’s a rivalry between Granada and Seville. They both claim to be the originators of Flamenco. I have now seen the dance in both places and can’t decide which is better/I prefer.

As you already know, I am in Seville with a friend I’ve met up with a few times now, but as I was cooking dinner yesterday, I saw another couple of people who I remembered from Granada. So after a lot of reconciliation, the four of us went out to a viewpoint overlooking the city and caught the sunset.

This viewpoint was on a very peculiar monument, the Metropol Parasol. It was pretty difficult to get up to, as you actually have to go down under the restaurants at the bottom to get up to the very top. But as soon as we got to the top it was an immense view over the top of the city and seeing the sunset from this was beautiful.


After that, we headed to a bar on the other side of town that had hourly Flamenco shows but this time entrance was free as it was more just a bar that had Flamenco instead of an actual Flamenco venue. The show here only had 3 participants, the male dancer was missing and the place was a lot busier than the Granada showing. This seemed to be a lot more informal than the other and I get the feeling it was therefore more authentic to the original gypsy style.

This morning I said goodbye to my friends and boarded a 6 hour bus to Madrid…

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