Uncomfortably Slow

Strolling through Lisbon at 6am on a Sunday is a peculiar experience. The only people that seem to be awake at that time are either joggers, travellers and the homeless, or people still drunk from the night before.

All the information from the hostel about how to get to there insisted that one takes the subway or bus to get to them. I opted to walk instead. I walked there as I knew I had hours to kill until I could check in. My map stated it would take an hour to walk there but it took me two as I kept stopping to soak in the scenery. When I finally made it to the hostel I chilled out in their garden before breakfast.

After my breakfast of Tosta Mista, which is basically just a ham and cheese toastie, I took part in the walking tour.

Unlike the usual tours, this guide actually asked us what we wanted to see and it was quite lucky the three of us all had similar interest in the history of Portugal’s capital. The guide showed us the best viewpoints and told us all about the earthquake and subsequent tsunami that ultimately wiped out a fifth of the population. We were then told about the Cathedral fire and the effects of the Spanish Inquisition.

One of my favourite topics was that of the train station statue. Apparently, for over 200 years, there used to be a monument just by the doorway and quite recently a foolish man decided he wanted a selfie with it and actually broke it! Some people were offended by this and insisted he was fined or even jailed. Not sure anything happened to him in the end.

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