Hearts Burst Into Fire

“I’m coming home. I’ve been gone for far too long. Do you remember me at all?” Hearts Burst Into Fire – Bullet For My Valentine

With the Brexit vote happening tomorrow, I thought it best I head back to the UK for a couple of weeks, just to sort things out and take a little break.

This morning, I packed up my bags and made sure I had everything sorted.
As my flight wasn’t until 5pm I waited in the hostel for a while just trying to find out the best way to the airport. Most people suggested I take the tram to get there but it seemed way too complicated. I would have to first find the correct subway station, then board one tram to somewhere, and then get another to the airport but the subway only went to Terminal 1 and I was departing from 2. Speaking to reception, they suggested I get a taxi to save myself any hassle; so I did that. It was pretty simple really and I got to the airport an hour before check-in even opened which was good. As I was an hour early, I found a nice spot to sit and people watch for a bit. It was quite entertaining to see all these people getting really flustered and running around the place; whereas I was just casually sat enjoying everything. Once the check-in desk opened I found my way to the front of the queue and handed my luggage over. As usual, it had to go into the “odd-sized luggage” due to the straps. After this I made my way through security, where the only issue was that the woman in front of me hadn’t separated her liquids so she got a bit of a telling off. I had no problems at all and even voluntarily took off my shoes and belt, much to the disdain of everyone else’s nose. Got into the departure lounge and had a bite to eat as my gate wasn’t going to be called for another half hour.

Having had a quick snack, my gate was called so made my way through passport control where it’s always surprising I’m not singled out. Boarded my flight at 17.05.

Unfortunately didn’t set off until about half past though. When I made my way out of Bristol airport at the other side I found the shuttle bus was also late. And when I finally made it to Bristol Temple Meads station, that was also late! Luckily I made it back to my abode in the end though and spent the remainder of the night reminiscing with old housemates.

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