Universally Speaking

Well, the last two days in Lisbon have been rather contrasted. During the day, I just wandered about, didn’t really do anything notable; it wasn’t until the evening did anything interesting actually happen.

On Monday night, it started at about 9pm when I had some traditional Portuguese food for dinner. There was Tuna fish salad, octopus salad and a cod and chickpea dish. There was also a selection of chicken, chorizos and sardines. After the dinner and a few drinks, I went to enjoy some traditional folk music from the country; Fado. This is very similar to Flamenco in a way but without the dancing. It’s more just a guy with a 12 string guitar and another person singing. The vocalist is also singing in an emotional way and we watched a few different vocalists. Some time into it, a small group of us were getting a bit tired and we wanted to see more of the city so we left to find a party. What we didn’t realise is that there is no party on a Monday night so we just ended up walking. We got a lot of photos with statues, selfies and even got random people to take pictures. Rolled in earlier than the rest of the tour group though.

Last night, the Tuesday night, a group and I walked up to the nearest viewpoint and watched the sunset over the city. The viewpoint is actually also a local hangout area where I ended up watched a man with fire sticks, I spoke to a very friendly guy who had spent time in Wormwood Scrubs prison and even saw the Strawberry coloured moon.


After a while we all headed back to the hostel and went to bed quite early compared to my usual current bedtime.

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