Knight Life

Paris. It’s certainly been fun; especially the Bastille Day fireworks, and the Catacombs, but now it’s time to say “Au Revoir”; until we meet again…

My original plan was to head to the south of France. I looked at hostels in Cannes, Montpellier and Nice. Due to the prices of the hostels, I decided to skip my trip forward a couple of stops and head to Milan for the weekend instead. And after the attack in Nice, I am both saddened by the event but also grateful I am not going to the area.

I had booked an overnight bus to Milan, to save on travel costs and times. As such, I had a whole day to waste before I could board the bus. The two guys that I had been socialising with the last couple of days were also checking out this morning, although one was just moving to a different abode in the city of Love. The three of us just spent the day walking slowly to the new apartment as it was on the other side of the city. We unknowingly planned it quite well as we ventured through the old streets of the Latin Quarter and found a whole selection of quaint little eateries. It was actually my decision to go into one and it was a very good choice even if I say so myself. It’s primary menu item was a large selection of crepe fillings from savoury and sweet flavours. There was a brilliant little deal for a savoury crepe and a sweet for dessert with a choice of drink. I had a ham, mushroom and cheese pancake for my main and jam filling as my pudding.

From there we walked through the Luxembourg Gardens, a large garden attached to an old family mansion. This ate up quite a bit of time as we kept stopping to admire the scenery and relax in the colourful surroundings.

Eventually we found our way to the weekend accommodation for our companion and he checked in. It’s a small sublet studio flat with a single bed and just enough room for a kitchenette and dining table but looks cosy enough for one to stay in for a few nights. I hung out with him for a little bit while the other adventurer caught his train to London. Around 6pm I thought I would head back to my hostel so I didn’t outstay my welcome and it took me about an hour and a half to walk back.

As I’ve been travelling, I have bumped into people I met in previous hostels and most of the time it’s quite unextraordinary as they’re usually travelling a similar route. However, when I got back to the hostel I felt a tap on my arm and it was somebody I met back in Seville who actually lives in Paris. We had a good catch up and he told me all about his travels hitchhiking around the coast of Portugal.

The clock ticked by and I knew I would have to leave soon to catch my bus so I said my goodbyes and got the Metro to the bus station. Now I don’t know what happened but when I got to the station there were two squads of SNCF guards patrolling the area and I saw one group almost throwing a guy around the station to escort him out of the building along with his luggage. Fortunately, the rest of my journey to the bus was uneventful.

I made it the station and boarded my fifth overnight bus…

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