Within Me

Looking at the other passengers on this bus I was dreading my experience as there was a rather large school group accompanying us accompanying thus I expected noise and mess everywhere. Pleasantly surprised to see, and hear, that my judgement was incorrect. They were only slightly louder than the usual passenger, but nothing too disturbing.

The first thing that did wake me was the checkpoint into Switzerland, this bus only had two stops; Geneva and Milan. This stop was rather reasonable, they checked passports and only took copies from the suspect passengers. Getting out of Switzerland, back into France was different though, they took all passports and asked about luggage and travel plans etc. But it’s more than understandable considering the recent events and the fact they declared a State of Emergency so the borders had a lot more security to prevent any more incidents. After this I fell asleep again until the next checkpoint on the Italian Border but these only seemed to be checking individuals from select countries. The two Australians in front of me and myself weren’t even checked, he just accepted us due to our country of origin which was good for me but judgemental for everyone else. The major downside to these stops was that it did put our arrival time back by nearly two hours.

As soon as the coach crawled out the other side of the border it quickly became obvious we were in Italy. The architecture of the buildings is dramatically different from anything I’ve seen before. The houses in the countryside town of Saint Vincent haven’t been dug into the hills but the rolling mounds have been utilised to create unique designs.

After a quick break at a service station I disembarked at Milan’s bus station.

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